This is a blog about The Meadow Man, a feature length animation in the works By David Firth. This is mainly a solo project so it will take many years. Don't worry, this project is still alive!

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Hey chaps, it's been a while but here's an update. After finishing the last of my recent freelance work, I've been able to focus all my attention on The Meadow Man (which I guess is now the official title) I've gotten to the point where I'm thinking about voice actors and actresses. The script isn't finished but the majority of the scenes have been drafted out and I'm getting a good idea of how it will look. I have a long list of characters, most of which I have my name next to at the moment, but I don't want it to stay that way. I would ideally like to do only one of the main characters and a few small parts, but unless I find the voices I want, then I'm doing them all. This is where you chaps come in.

I need voice actors and actresses. If you think you are capable of doing a voice in my movie then I need you to send me a sample of your skills. I'm not looking for a show reel or anything *update: STOP SENDING SHOWREELS!!!!* I just want to hear you talking into a microphone. It doesn't need to be professionally recorded, I just need to get an idea of what you can do. Talk about anything, read from a film script if you must, I just want to hear your voice in character. Here is what I am on the lookout for:

  • Male - Authoritative, British
  • Male - Eccentric, British/European
  • Female - Variety of styles, British / European / Asian
  • Male - Variety of styles, British, European, Asian

These are just basic guidelines though, feel free to throw anything else in there if you think it might grab me.

Please send your voice samples to with the subject heading MEADOW MAN VOICES. Please send only mp3s and nothing over 5mb. NO WAVS! Also could I request that you please include your name in the file name so that they're easier to sort.

INCENTIVE: If I do end up employing you as voice actor then you will be paid for your efforts.