This is a blog about The Meadow Man, a feature length animation in the works By David Firth. This is mainly a solo project so it will take many years. Don't worry, this project is still alive!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


I must admit, I haven't been very good at updating this blog. This post will consist of a series of excuses. Let's start with a quote:

"It doesn't matter how slowly you, so long as you do not stop"
I don't remember who said that, or if I quoted it properly, but it fits. I have not stopped making The Meadow Man, but I am not doing much to it at the moment. Let's try and understand why:

1. I needed to make some money so I did some freelance stuff.
2. I dedicated a few months to the Meadow Man then needed to make money again.
3. I went a little bit insane.
4. I took a break from my work and went on a travelling adventure to America.
5. Now I am back without a place of my own and all my stuff in boxes.
6. I need to make money again.
7. Global financial crisis.
8. I need to re-write it.
9. I wasn't lying when I said it would take forever.

So all you need to know is that I still will make it, but I need money, workspace, a team of robots and a load of other essential life elements to prevent me from going insane again. Duke Nukem Forever came out eventually and so will The Meadow Man - hopefully it won't be a big steaming pile of shit like Duke. I promise it won't.

Right now I am currently doing a lot of writing and having the occasional meeting. Not for The Meadow Man but for other exciting projects. One day I will finish everything I have started and then have a little sleep. Then I will start a set of new projects and keep people waiting again. I shall repeat this until I die.