This is a blog about The Meadow Man, a feature length animation in the works By David Firth. This is mainly a solo project so it will take many years. Don't worry, this project is still alive!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Still here...

Yes, updates have been few. Time just flies by. I am still changing my script every day. I don't know if it's long enough, if it's too long, if it makes enough sense or if it makes too much sense. I have millions of sketches, each with millions of notes. There are bits of everything everywhere. The paid work I'm doing for the BBC is holding me up a bit, but that's my main source of income at the moment so it needs to be done. I shall hopefully come to some decisions regarding voice actors in the next few weeks and then hopefully get to a stage where I'm happy with my script. See -- that's why I haven't been updating, because my updates aren't very exciting. You're probably expecting trailers and screenshots and I give you excuses, but it's taking longer than I had imagined to get anywhere. For some reason I set up a twitter account, which I'll probably update more regularly than anything else....because they seem to welcome pointless irrelevant news there.


Yeah, some arseholes took the names doki66,fatpie,davidfirth etc. What arseholes.


  1. Random sketches and thoughts would be more than welcome as well! Something along the lines of Jhonen Vasquez's Mindspill perhaps?

    And aren't there any artist funds in GB that can sponsor your project? Like ? Could be worth a try!


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  2. firth has a twitter now?

    ahahahahaha, thats awesome. oh well, social networking is what it is. the BBC stuff has been great so far, keep it up!

    cant wait to see some type of imagery on here

  3. Holy crap, another update. Keep working, Dave. Get it done.

  4. Don't get discouraged... we're routing for you all the way david!

  5. You shit, Firth. I'm bored already. You shit.

  6. Cool, just keep at it :)
    just be sure to buy some Moar TIME

  7. hello colleagues artist. your salad fingers its very good work. ceape that work going- i mean on quality level.
    marry christmass from croatia.

    Kovač Damjan ( )

  8. no trailer? what about the explosions and flying aborted foetuses? oh blast, this'll do.
    And take your time - rushing is how mistakes are made. :P

  9. I love your work David. I have been a loyal fan since '04. Take your time, sugar. You have my full support...I can't wait for meadow man.
    I keep re-watching your old cartoons and I discover something new each time, nah not really. It's just beautiful David.
    I just remembered a scene from one of your podcasts (#6 johnny modern and his cigarette) and I laughed.
    Take care.

  10. DAVID will the film be based around characters doing things or will it be an amalgamation of monstrous drunkenness, I mean if it's you doing it this could get ugly. It sucks being at the forefront of attention but you gotta give 'em what you want that's all and that is what it is.

  11. I am sincerely curious to see how this whole thing pans out. I assume it's going to be with new characters, otherwise it would have been named after one of your current serials. I'm also curious as to whether it will be a comedy or a sort of introspective art film. I personally hope it is the former, but that's just me.

  12. Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself...................................................

  13. Ehg. A friend of mine registered my handle on AIM back in the 90's intending to sell it to me at a huge price. I just usd numbers and to this day it's one of the few instances of my handle with frickin' numbers on it.

  14. take your time and do it right. we're not going anywhere.
    all your fans are just sitting here waiting for you to shit out something amazing.
    because you always do

  15. You could probably talk to Twitter about reclaiming your identity on there as an official celebrity...

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